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My passion for serving students draws from my own background as a lifelong learner. From my days studying Economics in Mumbai University to being a published author - the breadth of my journey gives me the ability to connect with the most diverse students.

Smitten by the editing and publishing process during a sojourn at India Book House, I attended Harvard University’s unique publishing program; this continues to provide rare insight and access.

With friends and family who have been alumni of the world’s leading colleges, and having visited most of the top colleges myself, I have developed a keen understanding of the language and vocabulary of the admissions process.

Enriched and honed across a professional career working in magazines, newspapers, books and TV shows, my instincts are student-centred while keeping a keen eye on university expectations. 

My multi-tiered approach is attuned to both the program and the student. It can involve both choosing the colleges, a detailed ideation on the narrative through a customised, resource-driven approach, and multiple commentaries and edits.

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