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When not sitting at a laptop screen or on zoom, animatedly discussing essays with students and talking them through their anxiety, I spend time with my husband, Nandan, our daughter Avanti, my son-in-law, Sachit, and my two furry friends - Prince, my cat and Laddoo, my indie canine, a mismatched duo of rescues who have yet to learn how to fetch!

Laddoo 1.jpeg

I love to travel, jumping through lives and history through my favourite historical fiction books (Hillary Mantel is the queen), and exploring the world (especially its museums, forests and cuisines) with Nandan, my constant travel companion.

Our favourite places in the world include Greece, where the interplay between mortals and gods is alive in the people, architecture, and ever-present stories; and now a farm near Mumbai that Nandan and I have rewilded – in the hope of spotting fireflies. And yes, they came!

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