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I help students applying for post-graduate degrees gain entry to their top choice universities. Often, students I advised on undergraduate admission come back with degrees (and even partners!) as they plan graduate studies.

Their application SOPs and essays are supported with specific resources I have developed for much higher-order and thoughtful composition. Once applicants go through the exercise, they come out knowing how the dots in their lives connect, and they better understand their career and life goals, their story and their narrative. 

Post-Graduate Successes

My post-graduate clients have been admitted to Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) programs at The Wharton School, Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Kellogg, ISB, Tuck, INSEAD and Stanford GSB in the US.


In the UK, my students have entered LBS, Imperial, Judge (Cambridge), Said (Oxford), and were awarded the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. And earned admission to Master’s in Management and combined management programs, for example, Data Analytics and Management / Management of Technology programs at premier universities globally.

Likewise, top LLM programs including at Stanford and Harvard Law, Columbia, UPenn, Cornell, Duke and Cornell Tech. The top medical programs, MS and Master’s in Public Health programs at Harvard and Columbia Universities, among others.


I have also advised students applying for doctoral admissions and helped edit their dissertations.

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