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The following principles guide my process: 


Student Centric

This includes reflection, to carefully uncover the unique charm of an interesting life. No idea is insignificant, no anxiety too small. Centring on a small detail or motif. we help the student build a larger narrative around it.


Each applicant embodies a universe of possibilities, and we enjoy the process of enabling them to visualise and explore that universe.



My approach is tailored to each student’s unique personality and ambition. Here, I harness my own background as a journalist, discarding the obvious, catching onto turns of phrase and points of inflection others might miss, coaxing narrative touchstones.

The College Supplements

Based on my large portfolio of successful students, and my understanding of the ever-evolving admissions ecosystem and sharpened instincts, my approach is deeply research-based and strongly results-informed. Where needed, I equip students with documents that provide clarity, and guide their journey.


Inspiration and Collaboration

Conversation. Partnership. Discussion.

These help students shed layers, as we guide students to reveal the best in themselves, hidden in their many learnings, actions and experiences. They get to understand their own true, sometimes surprising, potential through this profiling exercise.


Many students remark on this! I am genuinely accessible, always reachable.

I accept only a small cohort for each admissions cycle, and personally engage with each student and parent. This prioritizes their academic dreams as also their wellbeing and happiness. We work together, sometimes with parents as partners, to make their personal story engaging and impactful.

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