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My process is customised to each individual. The difference between good pieces of writing and great application essays lies in the way student voice, history and vision are harnessed. I serve as a bridge between aspiring students and the exacting standards of their dream elite colleges.

Undergraduate Successes

Drawn from across India and around the world (including Indonesia, Dubai, Greece and Colombia this past year), my clients have gained admission into the world’s top universities.

For the year 2020 – 2021

Despite the grim portents of this past year, 2 of my students were admitted into Harvard, 3 into Stanford, 3 into Princeton and a good number into other great colleges.


One students from our 2020 cohort gained entry into 6 Ivy League Universities, including Harvard, Princeton and UPenn, as well as, Stanford College. Another student earned the enviable choice between Princeton, Yale, UPenn and Columbia Universities.

Over the past four years several aspiring undergraduates have been admitted to US Ivy League and other reputable universities, including prestigious liberal arts colleges.


In the UK

Each year, many of my students gain admission to Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial Colleges. Five students for the academic year 2020-21 gained admission to Cambridge University.

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