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Dhurrie, a book on the dhurrie weavers of UP and Rajasthan was co-authored by myself, and Meera and Shyam Ahuja. I was privileged to work with Dr Stephan Cohen of the Victoria and Albert Museum as the managing editor. And ecstatic to find Dhurrie at the Metropolitan next to a Grecian urn on a trip to NYC.

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Another book co-authored with Viral Doshi, An Undefiled Heritage interlaces our love and fascination for Mumbai, its history, personalities, education and our alma mater.

We predated the stories to 1719, and researched extensively, mining the memories of a diaspora of alumni worldwide and researching at the East India Company archives. When we asked Salman Rushdie over email, to comment on some of the characters in Midnights Children and their parallels to his schoolmates, he replied with excitement, in 8 minutes flat.  To our amazement, the book sold out! 

We are currently updating it to bring out a second edition in 2022.  

Mint Lounge published an entire chapter of

An Undefiled Heritage

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